Clubs and forums
The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall (forum) (tip!)
Die Cast Collectors of the Philippines (forum and club) (tip!)
Hobby Talk Die Cast (forum) (tip!)
Majorette Club Forum (mainly in French) (tip!)
Hot Wheels Collectors Germany (forum)
Modelautoforum (forum)
NAMAC Nederlandse Algemene Miniatuur Auto Club

Online publications
Doug Breithaups excellent bi monthly ‘webzine’ covering all aspects of die cast collecting (tip!)

Personal Collectors homepages
Majorette and Norev collection, old as well as new models
Midlands Diecast: A collection of 1/64 scale model cars

Other, automotive news with background information (Dutch) (tip!)
Want to visit the Volkswagen, Audi or Donkervoort plant? Check this site!

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