Prices and TAX
For customers within the European Union, we have to charge 19% VAT. When logged on to the site, the software will automatically display the prices with or without VAT, depending on the country you have selected in your account. For shipping costs see Shipping and Returns.

Pre-Order or Park

It is possible to Pre-Order models. You pay for the models and these are reserved for you, but not yet shipped. Shipping charge is not yet included in the payment. This can be useful when you are awaiting new models to arrive, but already want to pre-order models currently available.
How does it work:

  • During Checkout, select Pre-Order at Delivery Information
  • Complete the Checkout process as usual.
  • You can create multiple Pre-Orders
  • You determine when you want to have your Pre-Orders shipped. For this, contact us and we calculate the shipping charges for all your open (pre) orders.
  • The maximum time for a Pre-Order is three calendar months. As this time is passed, we will contact you to discuss payment and shipment options.

Checkout / Delivery information
After you have added all desired products into your cart, press button [Checkout].
Select the desired shipping method.

  • TNT Post
  • Pre-Order (cars are NOT shipped)
  • Pick up in our shop (no shipping charge)

Checkout / Payment information
In the next step of the checkout process the payment method must be selected. Four options are available:

  • Transfer of the amount due via a bank transfer (Netherlands only)
  • Transfer of the amount due via IBAN/SWIFT number (Europe only)
  • Transfer of the amount due via Credit Card
  • Transfer of the amount due via PayPal

If PayPal or Credit Card is selected, you are forwarded to PayPal to handle the amount due to Tiny Toy Cars. Using the Credit Card option does not require a Paypal account!
The order is sent to Tiny Toy Cars when you press the [Confirm Order] button.
A confirmation email, containing the order details and payment information, is sent to you to confirm Tiny Toy Cars received your order.

Your order is shipped after the amount due is received at our account. You will be informed about the status of you order. If the amount due is received, your order is shipped within three working days. You will receive a confirmation email if the order is actually shipped.

If you have questions about ordering, please contact [email protected].

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